Chef Sauce Kits

All the Chef Sauce Kits are created from authentic well know dishes from around the world.

They capture the individual flavours of each country they represent. The depth of flavour of our curries has been achieved by incorporating as many herbs and spices true to the individual sauce without adding bulking agents, additives or preservatives as found in most kits.

However, a good sauce is very much like a chemistry experiment balancing the individual ingredients to ensure they complement each other.

Try and throw a load of spices together and you will see what I mean!

In our culture today, eating healthily has become more and more important and people have started to shop accordingly. The sale of Natural and Organic Products has increased enormously.

We, at Free World Cuisine, have recognized this trend and have accordingly incorporated this ethos into our philosophy of sourcing and buying the best natural ingredients for all our products.

Salt and Sugar are now our big health adversaries and should therefore only be consumed in moderation.

Instead of ordinary Salt we use Losalt in our Chef Sauce Kits. Furthermore, instead of white sugar, we use the nutritious, healthy and unrefined whole sugar called Jaggery. It’s a source of; iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, protein, fibre and other minerals. The benefit of Jaggery is that the body releases this sugar slowly into the bloodstream, unlike white sugar with no other benefits but a quick burst of instant energy.

All our Sauces are made in an environment free from exposure to nuts. They are blended to be gluten free and vegan.

A Chef Sauce Kit can be made in 12 minutes by just adding water, meat and vegetables but are equally delicious with long cooking.

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