Our Story

My love of travel, scuba diving and food all came together on an adventurous liveaboard dive holiday to the Red Sea.  While exploring the infamous dive sites that are; Ras Mohammed, SS Thistlegorm, Straits of Tiran, we would come back to the boat and be served up the most amazing Thai food from our lovely chef Hom.

Now Free World Cuisine brings the same opportunity as Hom gave me – you now can cook inspirational restaurant cuisine  in no time! You can be in any kitchen indoors or out. Wherever you may be, you only need a gas ring, wooden spoon, water and any ingredient you fancy throwing in. Close your eyes and transport yourselves to somewhere out of the ordinary to somewhere extraordinary – with a range of 16 sauces from kitchens of the world. There is no limit.


Each of our products is packed with no less than 16 ground ingredient, blended to authentic recipes so you don’t have to scratch around; we’ve done that for you. We’ve also made them Free From any nasties and just when you thought there couldn’t be more – each pack has a sachet of chilli inside so you can make it how you like it. Now… THE REST IS UP TO YOU!

– Tanya Thomas, Creator of Free World Cuisine


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